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Industrial Gear Manufacturing

Full-Service Industrial Gear Manufacturing

Industrial Gearbox can repair and manufacture any size Gear & Pinion, including Helical, Double Helical, Herringbone, Split Herring bone, Bevel, Spiral Bevel, Spur Gears, Ring Gears, Eternal Ring Gears, Rack & Pinion, Worm Gears, Double Enveloping Worm Gears, Hypoid Gears, Screw Gears, And More!

We can cut Gears up to 20 feet in Diameter, at a considerable savings over OEM Manufacturer's pricing, with a 24 Month Warranty and the Quickest turn-around time in the Nation.

Once Industrial Gearbox Manufactures a Gear set for you, we will provide you with all Certifications for Heat Treating and Carburization.

gear manufacturing
gear manufacturing
gear manufacturing
gear manufacturing


Industrial Gear has the expertise to handle every step of the gear manufacturing process to meet your needs. From design to delivery, we're committed to exceeding your expectations from start to finish. Whether your project requires services such as full design, prototyping, pre-production and production of gears, we will work with your team to optimize your gear design and help you reach your production goals.

We've made substantial investments in cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art gear manufacturing equipment to ensure we are positioned to meet your needs . Our extensive range of advanced gear manufacturing services includes:

  • Gear Grinding
  • Gear Cutting
  • Milling and Drilling
  • Surface, ID, & OD Grinding, and ID Honing
  • Gear Inspection
  • Turning
  • Broaching and Keyseating

Gear Types

  • Spur
  • Helical
  • Herringbone
  • Straight Bevel
  • Miter
  • Worm
  • Tangential Worm Cutting
  • Spiral Bevels
  • Sprockets
  • Silent Chain Sprockets
  • Gilmer Timing Gears
  • HTD Power Grip Gears
  • Helical Gear Rack
  • Involute Splines
  • SAE Splines
  • Racks
  • Sprockets
  • Roller Chain

crusher gearbox manufacturing

Manufacturing Processes

Our gear manufacturing supports our reputation for on-time deliveries, competitive pricing, and lead times to make your next project a success. We continue to enhance the lean manufacturing concepts already in place in order to minimize waste and maximize delivery times and service. We are completely committed to improving the value stream and delivering the highest quality, most affordable gear products to our clients.

Gear Cutting

We offer gear cutting services for any size applications. Industrial Gearbox Gear Cutting services include broaching, tooth grinding, gear machining, gear shaping,hobbing, And More!

24 Hour Gear Manufacturing

The core of our high performance track record is superior gear manufacturing service. We deliver on every level to ensure customer satisfaction. With the combined experience of over 75 years our technicians are able to adapt to any situation which allows them to react and respond to a breakdown situation. You can count on Industrial Gearbox for the highest level of quality at every level of service.

Our Gear Manufacturing Process

Industrial Gearbox Gear Manufacturing supports a JIT concept and facilitates our reputation for on-time deliveries, affordable costs, and short lead times. If you have any questions regarding our 24 hour Gear Manufacturing Service please give us a call and well be happy to answer your questions.

Increased Productivity

We at Industrial Gearbox Repair utilize a process which allows us to clean, inspect, diagnose, quote, manufacture parts and complete your repair at amazing speed while maintaining top notch quality. We thrive on efficiency and urgency to ensure your Industrial Gearbox can get back up and running as soon as possible


At Industrial Gearbox Repair, our ONLY business is fast, dependable gearbox repair and rebuilding. We offer you unmatched gearbox repair expertise.


To ensure that all gear products are manufactured to industry quality standards, Industrial Gearbox Repair follows guidelines established by American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA). Our Timken Certified Technicians follow all standards and practices to ensure that your Industrial Gearbox works as good if not better than a brand new Industrial Gearbox.

Industrial Gearbox Repairs Reputation Is Built On The Highest Quality, Efficiency and Service.