• Nationwide 24/7 Emergency Industrial Philadelphia Gearbox Repairs

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

Industrial Gearbox provides Philadelphia gearbox repair when your Philadelphia gearbox is down. You need it up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repairing an existing Philadelphia gearbox can be a quick and cost effective way of bringing your process availability back to 100%, compared with a Philadelphia replacement unit.

philadelphia gearbox repair rebuild manufacture

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair

In addition to repairing Philadelphia gearboxes, we offer a full technical service to identify any issues in production and recommend the optimum solution for your Philadelphia gearbox. Our expertise will often enable us to offer product upgrades or rebuild to improve the performance or lifetime of your existing Philadelphia transmissions.

Our focus on high quality industrial Philadelphia gearbox rebuilds combined with fast response times ensures the best possible solution for our customers.

Philadelphia gearbox manufacturing

As a complete machine shop, we have the capability to manufacture Philadelphia gears to exact specifications and also handle Philadelphia gearbox overhauls and line boring. We offer the highest quality Philadelphia gears in the industry with complete customer satisfaction. Our 24 hour emergency service guarantees that we will be available to keep your machinery up and running.

At Industrial Gearbox we provide custom manufacturing of Philadelphia gears for a wide variety of industries. Our extensive machining capabilities can manufacture gears up to 20' in diameter to suit large-scale mechanical power of transmission applications.

Philadelphia gearbox restoration

Our skilled engineers have first-rate experience in Philadelphia gearbox equipment breakdown, reverse engineering, and gear design. With the latest equipment and high design standards, we consistently surpass expectations when it comes to inspection, repair, and cost savings. Additionally, emergency services and breakdown repair are available for any industrial Philadelphia drive component.

Industrial Philadelphia Gearboxes

With over a hundred years of recognition for providing gearing and transmission based solutions for the various industrial uses around the world, Philadelphia Gear has kept its long running title of the Number One Power System Manufacturer in The world. Philadelphia Gears offers various types of Gears to be used in transmission services and Philadelphia Branded gearboxes. The company has grown not only due to the quality of the products manufactured but also due to the customer support team as Philadelphia Gears also provides unique regional support services for maintenance and customization to each customer regardless of location.

The Philadelphia Gear Brand produces various other proprietary brands like Westech Gearboxes and Western Gears however its due to the collaboration and partnership with Timken bearings that Philadelphia Gearboxes are produced as industrial solutions to the most demanding environments. The high speed Gearboxes designed from the collaboration are designed to keep up with the speeds that are required by the oil and gas industry as well as other Refining and Pipeline Industries. Philadelphia Gearbox units are designed to do more with less and designed to be far more reliable than any in the competition.

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair

Is your Philadelphia Gearbox in need of repair? If so call us now at (312)579-0030 to speak to a gearbox repair coordinator who can get you taken care and have your gearbox picked up and quoted for free! Industrial Gearbox is a comprehensive industrial gearbox repair facility which focuses on the repair and remanufacturing of industrial gearboxes. We offer free freight and free quotes nationwide as well as a 24 month warranty. If our incredible 5 day lede time isnt fast enough we also offer a 24 to 48 hour emergency rush repair service where we can have your gearbox repaired in 24 to 48 hours.

Industrial Gearbox can also Manufacture all gearing for Philadelphia Gearboxes on site on our gear manufacturing facility. We can manufacture all gearing and internal components for all gearboxes and in all shapes, types and out of any material. We can match the exact same specs and hardness ratings as any and all OEMS. As always all gears and internal components we manufacture are covered by our certified 24 Month Warranty.

Once we get your Philagear Gearbox in our shop we instantly tear it down and place all parts and components as well as the housing inside of a pressure washer to completely remove all the grime and grit built up within the boxes allowing us to define the fault. Once we do and quote you for free, We begin our Gearbox Repair process for Philadelphia Gearboxes. We immediately repair any and all damage to the housing and repair or replace any internal gearing or components with brand new straight from OEM parts / gears or manufactured gears and components we made. Once replaced/repaired we then replace all bearings with Timken Bearings and install them the Timken Certified way by placing superheated bearings on top of liquid nitrogen shrunk shafts allowing gravity to perform the installation.

Once your Gearbox is assembled its taken to our QC department to be tested on a custom bench for 6 hours in order to test for leaking, vibrations and overheating. Once passing these tests your gearbox is certified with out 24 month repair warranty. If your Philadelphia Gearbox is in need of repair please Request A Quote on our site, Call (312)579-0030

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

A Built reputation upon high-quality Philadelphia Industrial gearbox repairs.